Characteristics of Healthy Balanced Skin

Obtaining healthy balanced skin takes a truly holistic approach of pursuing a healthy body, mind and spirit! As perplexing as that may sound, it only takes  one to acknowledge it and following that intent, the knowledge, tools and skills required with naturally and effortlessly fall onto your path!

To start, we shall learn what are the characteristics of healthy balanced skin.

1. Smooth ~ For skin to be regarded as healthy it must have an effective exfoliation process and a healthy dose of keratin to give skin it’s strength and youthful glow.

2. Firm ~ Another essential element for healthy skin is for there to be collagen and elastin production to keep your skin tight and lifted.

3. Even Toned ~ Your skin’s melanin-producing cells should work regularly and evenly for a smooth complexion.

4. Hydrated ~ Your skin has its own moisturising resources. Healthy skin does not require moisturisers to replenish the skin. It should have its own stable moisturising factors and a firm barrier to keep in moisture.

5. Resilient ~ The skin is tougher than you think. When the skin is healthy it should be able to arrest free radicals and inflammation to protect the skin from damage. Healthy skin is also able to heal quickly and efficiently.

6. Disease Free ~ Healthy skin does not suffer from acne, rosacea, eczema, etc.

Of course, it is only natural that as we age our regenerative capabilities may not be as optimal as it was, but healthy skin at any age should generally adhere to the above characteristics.


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